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Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic is conveniently located in beautiful Coquitlam, British Columbia, where we take pride in our community. Our team takes pride in being focused on our patients' comfort and staying up-to-date with leading dental techniques. From your child's first dental visit to a complete smile makeover, it is our privilege to care for your family's dental needs.

Our mission is to promote the highest ideals of dental practice, to meet and exceed our patient's needs and expectations and to do so in an environment that nurtures its staff to be fulfilled, appreciated, creative, motivated and successful.

Please visit our dental office in the beautiful Coquitlam Centre Mall.

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Consult with a dentist
Emergency/in pain
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General Dentistry

From fillings to dentures, we've got your everyday dental needs covered.

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Wisdom teeth giving you trouble? Maybe you're considering an implant? We can provide the care you need.

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Oral Hygiene

Our team of highly skilled hygienists will demonstrate how to properly brush your teeth at home.

Sit Back Relax

Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic is a full service, one-stop-shop dental office. All of your dental needs are performed in our clinic by a team of highly skilled dentists, which includes certified specialists in orthodontics, prosthodontics and endodontics.

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Accepting New Patients

We are always accepting new patients here at Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic. A friendly referral is the best way to tell us you love it here.

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Sedation & Comfort

There's no need to be afraid of the dentist anymore. A serene, spa-like environment, and oral or intravenous sedation go a long way to make you feel more comfortable during your dental treatment.


Our staff speak a combined 12 languages including French, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi and Bulgarian.

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This information will be considered confidential and is for our purposes only.

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Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic

1244-2929 Barnet HWY

Coquitlam, BC V3B 5R5





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