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Office Policies


We require 48 hours' notice for appointment changes or cancellations. Any short-notice cancellations or missed appointments will result in a minimum $75.00 fee charged to your account. Please note that some of our dentist charge a high fee for certain appointment types. Some fees are as high as $500.00. This fee is not covered by any insurance policy or government funded dental provider. Please note that short-notice cancellations or missed appointments with specialists or frequent short-notice cancellations or missed appointments may result in a higher cancellation fee. The criteria for charging this fee are up to the individual practitioner with whom you are canceling. Reception has no discretion over this charge.


In rare situations, we sometimes have to initiate our deposit-book only policy. This means that for patients who chronically miss or short-notice cancel their appointments, we will require that patient to provide a "refundable" deposit to hold their appointment time. When the patient comes in for their appointment, they will be refunded their deposit, if there is insurance, or, have it applied to the appointment, if there is not insurance. Should the patient not make it to the appointment, or short-notice cancel, the deposit would be forfeited. Please note that this deposit will apply even to patient with full insurance coverage.


Any language considered to be abusive, harassing, hateful or otherwise meant to cause discomfort to staff or other patients will not be tolerated. Any such language will result in immediate denial of service.


Please visit our Financial Policies page regarding out-of-pocket payments. We advise all of our patient's to visit this page regardless of if you think your appointment will be fully covered or not.


Please visit our Insurance Policies page if you have insurance that you intend to use at the clinic.


Are you - or think you may be - covered by the Government of British Columbia? Please visit our Provincially Funded Care page to find out more.

FEDERALLY FUNDED CARE -> "The Interim Canada Dental Benefit"

Are you considered low-income with a child under the age of 12 who is not covered by any other private health insurance? Please visit our Financial Federally Funded Care page to find up-to-date information about this brand-new program.

Page updated August 21, 2023

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