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Orthodontics (Braces)

Many people view orthodontic care as an optional, aesthetic focus of dentistry. But did you know that in many cases, orthodontics are a necessary means of improving a person’s overall health? Here at Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments to our patients in need. 

The benefits include the following:

Long-term Dental Health

Because properly aligned teeth are easier to maintain, orthodontic care most often results in proper oral hygiene and a reduced risk of tooth decay.

Chewing and Digestion

Did you know that people with misaligned teeth chew less efficiently? In some severe cases, a bad bite can result in nutritional deficiencies. With the help of our Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic orthodontics team, you can work to improve your body’s overall health.


For some patients, misaligned teeth result in speaking difficulties. That’s just one more way in which our orthodontic care can help to improve lives.


Preventing Premature Wearing

Another fallback of a bad bite is that it can lead to the premature wearing down of back teeth. With our help, you can work to preserve and protect your smile.

Another mistake many patients make is waiting to seek orthodontic care until all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Orthodontic screening and treatment can begin as early as the age of 7, when enough of the permanent teeth have emerged to identify potential problems. The sooner you get your family started on orthodontic care, the sooner these problems can be identified and treated. When alignment problems are not treated until adulthood, the problems often become more complicated and require more extensive treatment.

If you or your child needs quality orthodontic care, then be sure to contact us today! We offer services in Coquitlam, as well as surrounding areas. So if you happen to live in Port Moody or Maple ridge our orthodontics services are available for you! Make your appointment today and get your family the care they need!

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